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is a lazy ass.
8 September, 2014

a compilation of my Met doodles

someone likes Met a little too much :U

7 September, 2014

"Hey, what are you thinking?"
"Just some deep shit."

"Hey, what are you thinking?"

"Just some deep shit."

4 September, 2014
Collaboration with Bani! \(^q^)/ She did the lineart, I did the colouring hehe ♥

Collaboration with Bani! \(^q^)/ She did the lineart, I did the colouring hehe ♥

29 August, 2014

Selected “shit I draw in art class”

"Selected" being the keyword here, and uh, I’m not exactly one of the best among the class *hides in the corner*. But since this is my art dumpblog, I just went “screw it, I’ll post what ever the eff I want”. So… there they are? *goes hide again*

Tools: pencil, charcoal, chalk pastel, watercolour.

25 August, 2014

[Translation] Obsolete Dream - Chapter 2

PHẾ MỘNG | 廃れ夢 (Sutare Yume) | Obsolete Dream

Tác giả: Mogeko ( Deep-Sea Prisoner )

Translate và typeset: CunDohoi cùng đồng bọn

※Đã được sự đồng ý của tác giả.

Vui lòng không đem bản dịch này ra nơi khác (nếu bạn nào có ý tốt muốn share thì link về đây giùm mình thôi nhé T_T). Xin hãy tôn trọng tác giả và người dịch.

Tác giả update truyện không thường xuyên, các bạn hãy kiên nhẫn chờ đợi. Khi nào có thì mình sẽ dịch.

Bản dịch sử dụng bộ font của nhóm Wonderland.

Mọi ý kiến đóng góp đều được mình hoan nghênh ~



Sơ lược & Nhân vật | Chương 1 | Chương 2





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11 August, 2014

anyone up for a snow cone? :D

10 August, 2014
I want to see him in an apron ヾ(* ´ ∀` *)ノ ♥

I want to see him in an apron ヾ(* ´ *)ノ 

9 August, 2014
💣 by 百草   ||   🔫 {post} by 米田
11 July, 2014

Anonymous asked:

can you explain what's going on with mogeko?

Well, to sum it up, Mogeko-san posted a reply to an ask that has a picture of SalWada mentioned rape (or something like that). Although they apologized, shit still went around and eventually they deleted their blog. I don’t really know the details though, when I got on tumblr it was already over. You can read the whole thing here:

Tags: anon ask
11 July, 2014

I remember when I asked Mogeko-san for translation permission, I wrote the email entirely in English (despite knowing English wasn’t their forte, but I did apologize them for it), they still responded (in English! Surprise) and even thanked me.

Personally, to me, Mogeko-san seems like a nice person.

I’m not going to take sides, or justify what they did. But hey, they acknowledged it was a bad thing and apologized.

I’m just saying. What you think is up to you.

Although it is kinda sad not being able to see their artworks on my dashboard anymore…